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23 jun 2016

Notícies: 130 PhD students from 11 countries gather in Barcelona for the 8th European Plant Science Retreat

EPSR2016 poster session at the Faculty of Biology of the University of Barcelona.

EPSR2016 poster session at the Faculty of Biology of the University of Barcelona.

Bellaterra, 23nd of June 2016


Only few hours left to the closing of the European Plant Science Retreat (EPSR), a meeting for PhD students and organized by them. The 8th edition of this meeting, which has been organized by a committee of PhD students from CRAG, has gathered 130 PhD students from eight European countries as well as from Israel, Algeria and Tunisia, in the city of Barcelona (Spain).

The program of the 8th EPSR included 24 talks given by PhD students, poster sessions and nine keynote talks given by senior researchers from European Institutions, who not only presented their scientific discoveries, but also gave some career advice to the young PhD candidates. Tips such as “stay curios! Have a look into other topics or subjects…read!...” from Prof. Dr. Gunther Döhlemann (Universität zu Köln, Germany) were especially welcomed by the students.

The EPSR opened on Monday with the keynote speakers Jordi Garcia-Mas (CRAG) and Jean-Philippe Combier (LRSV, France), at CRAG premises in the UAB campus.  Afterwards, the attendees visited CRAG installations. The rest of the meeting has been held in the Aula Magna of the Faculty of Biology of the University of Barcelona. The meeting is closing today with three keynote speakers coming from both the industry and the academia.

EPSR2016 attendees

EPSR2016 attendees

The EPSR originated in 2008 as a collaboration between PhD candidates from three European research schools in Plant Science (EPS in The Netherlands, IMPRS in Germany, and SDV in France), who aimed to improve research, training and education of plant science PhD candidates in Europe. With this 8th edition and the participation of PhD candidates from 11 different countries, the EPSR is fully consolidated as a meeting point for PhD students working on plant sciences.

You can follow the meeting in twitter at @EPSR2016 and with the hashtag #epsr2016 and in Facebook.