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10 maig 2016

Notícies: CRAG hosts the EFFAB and FABRE-TP annual meetings

This week CRAG hosts the EFFAB and FABRE-TP annual meetings (Tuesday, May 10) as well as the FABRE-TP Scientific meeting (Wednesday, May 11), both in the Auditorium.


The EFFAB (European Forum of Farm Animal Breeders) is the association of the animal breeding and reproduction organisations in Europe. Its mission is to provide a supportive role in ensuring that Europe provides the perfect environment for animal breeding and reproduction companies.  FABRE-TP (Farm Animal Breeding & reproduction Technology Platform) is an industry-led forum, which provides a framework for stakeholders to define research priorities and action plans for the farm animal and reproduction sector in order to achieve EU growth, competitiveness, and sustainability through major research and technological advances. FABRE TP started as an initiative of pro-active partners in breeding in 2005, then continued as an EC funded project in 2006, and is since 2009 an official European Technology Platform. CRAG has recently joined EFFAB and FABRE-TP.


On Tuesday 10th of May, the EFFAB and FABRE-TP members will hold their annual meetings at CRAG’s auditorium. On Wednesday, the auditorium will host the Scientific Meeting. This Scientific Meeting will start with a session chaired by FABRE-TP, with the key note speakers Margaret Gill (University of Aberdeen) and Ingrid Olesen (NOFIMA-Norway). The second part of the Scientific Meeting, which is chaired by Joan Tibau (IRTA) and Marcel Amills (CRAG), will consist of six scientific talks and a general discussion. The entire Scientific Meeting Programme is attached.


For more information, you can contact Alex Clop at alex.clopatcragenomica.es