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2 oct. 2013

Notícies: Debat: The Death of Plant Cells: From Proteases to Field Applications

Programmed cell death is essential for multicellular life with a central role in development and disease. In plants programmed cell death is a major player in plant development and in crop resistance to pathogens. With a pressing need to combat disease in the field which results in tremendous losses and to increase yield through a better understanding of plant development it is now essential to join efforts in order to move forward the frontiers of science in this area.    Plant research at the molecular level is coming of age at a time of heightened need for novel second-generation crops that not only grow better in healthy conditions but are also able to fight recalcitrant diseases such as pathogenic bacteria and molds.   The debates jointly organized by B·Debate and Centre for Research in Agricultural Genomics (CRAG) aims at bringing together outstanding local and international researchers working on plant programmed cell death agricultural biotech companies and animal programmed cell death experts. This meeting will promote discussion coordinate efforts and establish national and transnational collaborations to boost the understanding of this key process. This knowledge will be instrumental to direct future key questions concerning plant programmed cell death and increase the visibility of this research field. Additionally it will contribute  translating novel findings to crops undoubtedly helping to meet the needs of the world’s growing population in a sustainable manner.   Dates: October 2 3 and 4 2013
Venue: CosmoCaixa. C/ Isaac Newton 26. 08022 Barcelona Spain

Scientific Leaders:

Núria  Sànchez Coll Researcher at Centre for Research in Agricultural Genomics (CRAG) Barcelona

Marc Valls Research Professor at Centre for Research in Agricultural Genomics (CRAG) Barcelona

Frank Van Breusegem Professor at VIB Life Sciences Research Institute Ghent Belgium

Moritz Nowack Principal Investigator at VIB Life Sciences Research Institute Ghent Belgium

Simon Stael Postdoctoral Researcher at VIB Life Sciences Research Institute Ghent Belgium


Assistance is limited. For registration send a brief C.V. before August 15th to pablo.alvarezatcragenomica.es>pablo.alvarezatcragenomica.es