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4 des. 2013

Notícies: Dr. Paloma Mas selected as member of AcademiaNet

Researchers Dr. Soraya Pelaz (ICREA) and Dr. Paloma Mas (CSIC) have been selected as members of AcademiaNet, an initiative of the Robert Bosch Stiftung in cooperation with Spektrum der Wissenschaft and Nature to highlight outstanding women academics and scientists.

Women continue to be seriously underrepresented in leadership positions in academia and the sciences. Only 18% of the professorships with the highest endowments are held by women throughout the EU; in some countries, for instance in Germany, the proportion is even smaller (14%). The numbers are similar for important committees and commissions that decide on research awards, professor appointments and research funding. Nowadays, there is a consensus in politics and academia that the small number of women in leadership positions represents an untapped potential. 

With AcademiaNet, the Robert Bosch Stiftung and Spektrum der Wissenschaft make more visible and more easily accessible numerous profiles of excellent women academics from every discipline. This in turn will make it easier to fill leadership positions and scientific bodies with women academics. Established partners from the business and scientific communities vouch for the outstanding qualifications of the women academics and scientists in AcademiaNet. The selection criteria unite the outstanding scientific qualifications, academic credentials and independent leadership activities of the nominated academics.

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