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17 des. 2013

Notícies: Plant biology: meeting day between scientists and companies

With more than 60 participants, it took place in Barcelona the Workshop “Plant scientists and technological companies”, created as a meeting day to promote collaboration between public and private sectors.


Ana I. Caño-Delgado, CSIC scientist at the CRAG and Coordinator of the Plants Biology Section in the Societat Catalana de Biología, has been leading the organization. Caño-Delgado explains that the workshop has had a very positive response from the sector.

 The workshop took place in the historical building of the Institut d’Estudis Catalans. The aim was to promote agreements and opportunities of collaboration between scientists and companies from the nutrition and plant protection sectors. Also, to create a network for the exchange of knowledge. The event has been funded by Bioiberia, Bioiliberis, Dadelos, Eurochemagro and Futureco Bioscience. It has counted on the collaboration of the technological platform Biovegen.


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