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26 gen. 2015

Notícies: Scientific meeting on plant genome evolution entitled “Evolution of plant phenotypes, from genomes to traits” to be held on March 17 and 18 in Barcelona (Cosmocaixa).

The meeting, organized by Jonathan Wendel, Scot Jackson, Olivier Panaud, Michael Purugganan and Josep Casacuberta with the support of B-Debate and CRAG, will be divided in three scientific sessions: 1. Mechanisms generating genome variability, with special emphasis on polyploidy and TEs; 2. Evolution of plant phenotypes: wild and domesticated species; 3. Domestication and plant improvement: Putting science into practice in the aid of the human condition. An excellent group of speakers from the US, the EU, Israel and Japan that will ensure a fantastic discussion on these exciting and timely scientific questions.

The registration is available at the price of only 100 € (which includes the lunch onsite for the two days of the conference). Please visit the webpage of the meeting (http://plantevolutionbarcelona2015.cragenomica.es/) for more information on the meeting.