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10 set. 2015

Notícies: The PhD student VIII European Plant Science Retreat will take place at CRAG, June 20-23 2016

We are pleased to announce that the 8th EPSR (European Plant Science Retreat) will take place in CRAG on 20-23 June 2016!


The EPSR is an international scientific congress organized each year by a team of local PhD students. Yearly since 2008 this network organizes this congress “by and for” PhD students in the different associated research institutes, which have highly related and complementary thematic. Furthermore, top researchers are also invited to participate as well as companies’ representatives, giving the possibility for exchanges between PhD students, scientists and companies. This new edition of the EPSR will also strengthen this scientific network in the plant science field, by giving rise to improved communications, collaborations, training and education in the future.


More information and details about EPSR2016 will be coming soon!