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5 maig 2015

Notícies: Two CRAG researchers receive funding from the Llavor projects, to bring their research to the market

The LLAVOR program (projectes innovadors amb potencial d’incorporació al sector productiu) has funded  24  innovative projects. The LLAVOR program aims to fund innovative projects that are at the initial stage in the level of technological maturity, in order to enhance knowledge with potential to join the productive sector.   Also, The grant will include a training and mentoring program, coordinated by UC Berkeley and  allows for a certificate in entrepreneurship.


AGAUR  has awarded two grants LLAVOR to the researchers from the CRAG.


PLANeT BIOTECHNOLOGY: sustainable solutions to drought-resistance agriculture  (awarded to Dr. Ana Caño)


Generation of a strong IP strategy, business model and determining  the commercialization opportunities of SUMO conjugation as drug discovery strategy  (awarded to Dr. Maria Lois)


Link to the new: Agència de Gestió d'Ajuts Universitaris i de Recerca