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Confocal Microscopy


Welcome to the Microscopy Service of CRAG. The Service consists of a fully equipped laboratory with advanced instrumentation for microscopy and microanalysis. The Service covers complete processes from sample preparation and sectioning to observation by stereomicroscopy, fluorescence microscopy or laser scanning confocal microscopy, as well as the application of immunotechniques and in situ-hybridization techniques. The Service also has a laser microdissection platform that allows recovery of cells or cell groups, selected under microscopic control from complex tissues, for the specific molecular analysis of those cells. The Microscopy Service provides training to use its equipment, advice on experimental design, and applications and support for image data analysis.

Available Techniques:

- Confocal Microscopy.

- Laser Microdissection.

- Widefield Microscopy.

- Stereomicroscopy.

- Thin tissue sectioning with different Microtomes.

- Image processing and analysis.


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