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Confocal Microscopy

Confocal spectral Microscope: Olympus FV1000. With inverted microscope.

This confocal microscope is equipped with six laser excitation lines. The signal emitted by the sample can be captured by three photomultipliers (PMT) for fluorescence and reflection, and other detector for transmitted light, this allows us to acquire images on four channels simultaneously. We can detect a wide spectral range from 400 nm to 800 nm. The pinhole, the aperture that gives the confocality, excludes the light from out of focus planes increasing the resolution of the image. This equipment allows us to perform three-dimensional, spectral and time catchments. The confocal FV 1000 incorporates two fully synchronized independent scanners that allow the excitation of the sample and observation of it in high resolution. It also has a laser configuration with a diode green laser with a high intensity to excite fluorophores in the red spectral band.

Technical characteristics:

- Objectives
o 10X- UPlanSApo 10x/0,4
o 20x – UplanSApo 20x/0,75
o 40x – Uplan PL N 40x/1,3 oil
o 60x – UplanSApo 60x/1,35 oil
o 60x – U-PlanSApo 60x/1,2 W

- Fluorescent filters
o Dapi

- Brightfield optics.
o Brightfield.
o DIC.

- Lasers
o Olympus diode 405
o Argon Multiline 458/488/515
o Green Diode 559
o Olympus Diode 635

- Confocal filters
o BS20/80
o DM405/488
o DM405/488/559/635
o DM458/515
o DM405-440/515