The Genomics Core Facility provides support to CRAG researchers as well as researchers at other institutions. The Facility provides a suite of advanced high-throughput technologies for gene expression analysis, genotyping and other molecular genetics assays.


Biomark HD System (FLUIDIGM)

Real-time PCR platform with integrated fluidic circuits (IFCs) technology on-chip allowing to asses 48 samples against 48 assays in a simple run, as well as 96 samples against 96 assays. It simultaneously acquires data for each reaction chamber on the IFC and can operate in either real-time or end-point detection mode for gene expression or for genotyping experiments, respectively.

Main applications:

a) Gene Expression Assays DELTAgene™ Assays for gene expression studies provide high quality real-time PCR gene expression data.

b) Genotyping Assays based on allele-specific PCR SNP detection chemistry.

Supported IFCs for Gene Expression and Genotyping:
48.48 Dynamic Array IFC (2,304 assays)
96.96 Dynamic Array IFC (9,216 assays)

IFC controller

The IFC controller is a compact single-bay instrument that employs pneumatic pressure to precisely meter samples and reagents and to control valves within the integrated fluidic circuit (IFC) At the Genomic service we have two models of IFCs:

a. IFC Controller MX Designed to load digital PCR IFCs (including the 12.765 Digital Array™ IFC, 48.770 Digital Array IFC, and qdPCR 37K™ IFC), and 48.48 Dynamic Array™ IFC.  

b. IFC Controller HX Designed to load the 96.96 Dynamic Array IFC

Lightcycler 480 (Roche) 96 and 384-well thermal block

High-performance, flexible throughput plate-based real-time PCR amplification and detection platform (96 and 384-well plate format) provides various methods for gene detection, gene expression analysis, genetic variation analysis, and array data validation 

Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer

The 2100 Bioanalyzer provides sizing, quantitation and quality control of DNA, RNA, proteins and cells on a single platform, providing high quality digital data with minimal sample consumption.

The kits regularly used at the Genomics Service are:
RNA Chips
DNA Chips
High Sensitivity DNA Chips

QUBIT® 2.0 Fluorometer

Quantitate DNA, RNA, and protein with high accuracy and sensitivity.

The kits regularly used at the Genomics Service are:
Qubit dsDNA HS Assay Kit
Qubit RNA HS Assay Kit