The Plant Growth Service facilitates the cultivation and growth of plants as well as of plant cells and tissues. For this purpose, CRAG is equipped with confined greenhouses, chambers for plant cultivation in soil and in vitro, and laminar flow cabinets for work under sterile conditions. 

The greenhouses, which occupy more than 510 m2 on the upper level of the CRAG building, are currently operating at Biosafety Level I, allowing to grow genetically modified organisms.   Each of the cabins has an independent and programmable control of climate and irrigation. CRAG greenhouses are designed to work in a continuous cycle and at an experimental scale. 

The Plant Growth Facility also has a large number of walk-in chambers and reach-in chambers. These chambers allow growing plants under very precise and uniform conditions, or under very specific light-source or temperature requirements. 

In addition, the Plant Growth Service has an off-site glass-greenhouse that is designed to cultivate larger populations and larger plants, and that also operates a Biosafety level I. 

External researchers interested in using our plant growth facilities should directly contact the Plant Growth Manager.



13 independent cabins of greenhouses programmed with different types of climate

In vitro Chambers

7 chambers with variable conditions: i.e:  Long day, Short day and Neutral day. White LEDs and Fluorescent lighting

Walk-in Chambers

3 chambers with Long Day 22ºC / White LED lighting

2 chambers with Short Day 22ºC/ White LEDs lighting

2 chambers with high-intensity lighting

4 chambers with LED lighting and user-defined conditions

Reach-in Chambers

35 vertical chambers. Fluorescents/ White LED/ Red, Blue, Far Red LED lighting. Possibility of working at negative temperatures and with CO2

4 horizontal high capacity chambers. Equipped with fluorescent lighting