Crag in the Media

Coloured plums in the media

New findings allowing to increase efficiency in fruit food systems and to promote healthy nutrition through fruit consumption widely covered by news outlets

The collaborative work between IRTA and CRAG researchers localizing the gene for red-to-blue plum skin has drawn the attention of many online media specialized in the agricultural innovation sector, both national (Poscosecha, Fruticultura, Frutas y Hortalizas - F&H) and international (Redagrícola Chile, TreeCrop).

As stated in the Valencia Fruits magazine (see page 32), this new discovery can be implemented in Japanese plum breeding programmes allowing for smaller growing areas and fewer hydric, nutritional, phytosanitary and human resources, a significant advantage also noted by the Science Magazine.

Spain is one of the largest Japanese plum producers in the European Union, and this innovative study published at the scientific journal Frontiers in Plant Science provides a promising tool to increase efficiency in fruit food systems with the consequent economic benefits, which has been reported by the AgroBank blog, an agronomic-oriented site managed by one of the main Spanish financial services companies.

As Japanese plum skin colour is determined by anthocyanins, a group of plant antioxidant pigments with health-promoting effects when included in our diet, several newspapers such as Diari Ara (printed) and La Vanguardia have echoed this study. In addition, many international online generalist news outlets, like News.Latam21 and News Central, have also taken the opportunity to inform about this valuable finding that procures a new way to take advantage of the natural nutraceutical properties of plums.