Crag in the Media

The fight against drought has an international scope

Local and overseas media coverage prove that the need to achieve drought-resistant crops to ensure food security is a global concern

An article published at the Science magazine, one of the world's top academic journals, by a team of CRAG researchers led by Ana I. Caño-Delgado has attracted many media attention, both national and international.

This work discusses different biotechnological strategies to achieve drought-resistant crops, which has caught the eye of specialized media focused on the food industry such as Agrural, Red de Intercambio de Conocimiento Agroalimentario (RICA) and Tecnología Hortícola.

India, the native country of Aditi Gupta, first author of the article, is agriculture-dependent with a long history of recurring drought and subsequent crop losses. As the drought issue is a major concert for Indian farmers, many local news outlets like The quint and News 18 have spread the word of this compilation of measures being adopted around the world to increase the ability of plants to withstand drought.

Facing climate change, the ability to develop crops with greater resistance to drought without compromising yield is a global concern, as evidenced by Chinese, German and Ibero-American media echoing this review published at Science.