Crag in the Media

News on transforming leaves into nutrient stores

Several media outlets comment on a very applicable technology both for the food industry and for the sustainable production of carotenoids

A recent collaborative study led by Manuel Rodríguez-Concepción, CSIC researcher at CRAG, has been reported by several Spanish newspapers (such as La Vanguardia, COPE and Diari Més) and overseas tabloids (like Diario Libre, from the Dominican Republic).

The ground-breaking discovery published at PNAS describes a promising strategy to improve the nutritional benefits of crops, which has drawn the attention not only of many Spanish specialized media (NCYT, RICA), but also from Chile (ChileBio), Deutschland (Spektrum) and Bolivia (AgroAvances), among other countries.

Online magazines focused on the latest researches and discoveries (, Tech Explorist) have not missed the opportunity to inform about this new method able to increase the capacity of plants to produce and store carotenoids.

The controlled transformation of chloroplasts into chromoplasts described in the study has also been highlighted as Editors' Choice at the Science Magazine.