Plants as antifungal factories

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Plants as antifungal factories

The development of a new and efficient biotechnological tool able to produce antifungal proteins in plants has received many attention from the media

The new collaborative work between CRAG, IBMCP and IATA researchers showing that plants can be used as biofactories of antifungal proteins for commercial purposes has caught the attention of many national and international media. Maria Coca, CSIC researcher at CRAG, is one of the senior authors of the study.

The Spanish newspapers El Economista and 20 minutos have talked about this innovative discovery, published in the Plant Biotechnology Journal, which puts the spotlight in the challenge that fungi pose to food security and animal and human health.

The results of this research could impact the agri-food and pharmaceutical sectors, which has drawn the attention amongst specialized media (such as Science Daily, TekCrispy and Crop Biotech) and overseas (like Agrolink and ChileBIO).