Crag in the Media

The sequencing of more than a thousand melon varieties hit the news

The availability of genetic information about 1175 melon genomes from different points of the globe called the attention of many specialized media

Both national and international media, specialized in the horticultural sector, covered the work published in Nature Genetics on the sequencing of more than 1000 melon accessions. 

As explained in the CRAG-IRTA press release, the study of all of these melon varieties has allowed the understanding of how melon domestication happened 4.000 years ago, and provides a valuable information that can be applied to melon breeding to obtain new varieties faster and more precisely.

Among the specialized media that covered the work are SeedQuest, and the Spanish media Agronoma, Innovagri and Valencia Fruits, proving the interest of the Spanish sector in these new available tools −Spain is the is the first melon producer and exporter in Europe. 

Also, the Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia echoed this work.

This work was the result of an international collaboration that counted with the participation of the IRTA researcher at CRAG Jordi García-Mas.