Crag in the Media

Stronger united, says the media

Many agricultural websites echo the beneficial results of the symbiosis between mycorrhiza and rice

A new paper published in the Rice journal has caught the attention of specialized agricultural media such as Diario del Campo (Spain) and Mundo Agropecuario (Venezuela) because the novel findings pave the way for a greener agriculture.

As the El Nervión newspaper explains, the work led by researchers at CRAG reveals that symbiosis with arbuscular mycorrhiza fungi makes rice plants more productive and disease resistant.

Spanish mainstream media like La Sexta and 20 minutos also review this innovative study stating that the inoculation of the fungus improved up to 40% the productivity of rice plants, which the local Valencia noticias site has also reported given the relevance of rice paddies in the Valencian region.

On the subject of this paper, Sonia Campo, first author and postdoctoral researcher at CRAG, has been interviewed by the Spanish Association of Cereal Technicians, where she points out that this work represents a step towards a better rice productivity with less water consumption and less greenhouse gases.