CRAG Alumni, the new network for CRAG ex-members

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CRAG Alumni, the new network for CRAG ex-members

CRAG launches a platform to maintain ties with its alumni and to facilitate networking among them

Since its foundation in 2003, CRAG has been home to many researchers, students, technicians and support staff who have helped build the leading research Centre we know today. Many have gone on contributing their knowledge and skills all over the world.

Today, CRAG is launching the CRAG Alumni platform, a digital site in which CRAG ex-members can register and share their professional profile with other members, including their LinkedIN, ORCID ID, and Researcher ID profiles. The platform also allows CRAG Alumni to subscribe to receive in their email information from CRAG such as institutional reports, job openings, scientific events and interviews to other CRAG Alumni members.

Everyone who was in a scientific position at CRAG for at least 3 months can register in the platform.

In addition to CRAG Alumni, where CRAG past members register, everyone who is currently at CRAG or was at CRAG in the past can join the CRAG Alumni Group in LinkedIn, a virtual space for members to facilitate networking, mentoring and recruiting opportunities.

Follow this link to sign up to the CRAG Alumni Platform