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CRAG hosts the 4th ACYR congress

The event brought together more than 115 participants and prominent speakers of the field
IV Annual Congress of Young Researchers (ACYR)
IV Annual Congress of Young Researchers (ACYR)

This week, CRAG hosted the IV Annual Congress of Young Researchers (ACYR), a scientific event organized by CRAG PhD candidates that aims to become a networking platform for young scientists. The two-day conference brought together leading experts and early-career scientists in plant and animal biology.

The congress was held on 9 and 10 October, and it covered topics such as plant responses to stress, animal and plant genomics, plant synthetic biology and metabolic engineering, and plant development and signal transduction. The conference was held in the Auditorium of CRAG and featured invited speakers such as Gabriel Costa from University of Liège, Leonardo Perez de Souza from the Max Planck Institute of Molecular Plant Physiology, Óscar Lorenzo from the Agrobiotechnology Research Institute (CIALE-USAL), Regina Niñoles and Diego Orzáez from the Institute for Plant Molecular and Cellular Biology. Moreover, Pauline Bachmann from University of Barcelona opened the second day of the congress with a special talk about Navigating anxiety and depression during PhD, which coincided with the World Mental Health Day. The conference was a great success in terms of attendance and participation, with more than 115 registrants and lively discussions following each presentation.

ACYR 2023 also included four poster sessions, where participants were able to showcase their work and exchange ideas. The programme also included seven short talk sessions, where selected researchers had the opportunity to present their results in an oral format. The prize for best poster presentation went to Veredas Coleto for her work on Deciphering the role of BRAVO in the Arabidopsis root stem cell niche with single cell resolution and the prize for best oral communication went to María Lobato Gómez for her work on Tomaffron: a biotechnological tomato platform to produce high levels of saffron apocarotenoids. The prizes consisted of a diploma and a 100€ in NZYTech products.

This event has contributed to the advancement of knowledge and innovation in the animal and plant biotechnology fields, as well as fostering collaboration and networking among the scientific community. CRAG would like to express a special thanks to all speakers, participants, the sponsors (Agrisera, Semillas Fitó, LabClinics, NZYTech and Sequentia), the institutions that made it possible through funding, and especially to the organisers who are representatives of the CRAG PhD students: Andrea Martín, Maroof Ahmed Shaikh, Nicole Pradas, Federico Jurado, Silvia Calderone, Magí Passols and Iván Herrero.