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CRAG at YoMo 2019: food technology closer to young people

Students observing peach flowers at YOMO
Students observing peach flowers at YOMO

For the third consecutive year, on the 27th of February the Center for Research in Agricultural Genomics (CRAG) participated in the Youth Mobile Festival (YoMo), that took place at La Farga de l’Hospitalet. During five days, more than 29.000 people including visitors, students and educators, walked through the festival premises where exhibitions, conferences, workshops and interactive booths related to education took place.
The event grouped more than 100 organizations from the STEM sectors – science, technology, engineering and mathematics + arts (and design) - motivated by the same objective: to inspire young people through first-person experimentation and invite them to discover the opportunities in the scientific and technologic universes. 

More than 400 students visited the CRAG’s interactive booth, where seven PhD students from the research groups of genetics and genomics of vegetable crops and Rosaceae invited them to think about the technology behind the fruits and vegetables we eat.
Students could use several stereomicroscopes to observe flowers. Also they could taste different fruits, measure their sugar content using a digital refractometer and phenotype them with a specific software that provides precise measurements for the fruits colours. Thanks to this practical experience, the visitors could meet some techniques and materials specifically used in the plant research field and could go deeper in key concepts like mutation and genetic improvement or plant breeding.

You can find more photos of the CRAG’s interactive booth in our social media net @CRAGENOMICA!

YoMo collaborates with the Mobile World Capital Barcelona through the program mSchools, an initiative in collaboration with Generalitat de Catalunya, l’Ajuntament de Barcelona i GSMA to help students and teachers to integrate the new technologies in the classrooms in an efficient way.
This activity was possible thanks to the economic support of the Spanish Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities trough the “Centre of Excellence Severo Ochoa 2016-2019” (SEV-2015-0533) recognition awarded to CRAG.  


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