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"Lola" Ludevid, CRAG researcher for more than 13 years, passes away

Researcher at CRAG since its creation until 2016 when she retired, she was highly appreciated by all her colleagues
Dolors Ludevid in her lab at CRAG in 2015 (picture by Josep Casacuberta).
Dolors Ludevid in her lab at CRAG in 2015 (picture by Josep Casacuberta).

Dolors Ludevid Mújica, holded a PhD in Biology from the UB. After a stay in Montpellier, she started working at the Barcelona Research and Development Center (CID) of the CSIC in 1983, and was a member of CRAG since its creation until 2016, when she retired.

Dolors Ludevid (who many of us also knew as Lola) began her scientific career at CSIC studying a group of storage proteins, the glutelins or gamma-zeins and the proteins of the cell wall of maize using immunocytological methods. In the late eighties, she started leading her own research group on proline-rich proteins in plants and intracellular protein trafficking. During a sabbatical stay at the University of San Diego (California) she acquired the skills to use several techniques for the subcellular localization of proteins, using electron microscopy in particular.
Her research made her interested in the accumulation of proteins in protein bodies and she soon saw the potential of her results for a biotechnological development. This led her to found the company Era Biotech in 2002, for which she was a scientific advisor until 2013.

In addition to a brilliant scientific and entrepreneurial career, Lola was a key person in the running of the Department of Molecular Genetics at CID, IBMB and later at CRAG. Practitioner of music and painting, lover of good food, friend of friends and dedicated to her family, she transmitted common sense and good atmosphere to those around her.

«Lola was a key person in the laboratory. In addition to being an excellent scientist, she was an example of honesty and common sense; a person who had clear ideas and spoke loudly about them, but she always did so with humility and great empathy; a person we all knew we could lean on», says her colleague and personal friend Josep Casacuberta.

Professional and generous, CRAG staff felt his departure from the center very much and even more so now with her recent loss.

We will miss you, Lola.