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Producció Local: New IRTA podcast on food, science and sustainability

Discover the secrets of plant domestication and the importance of local varieties in the first episode of Producció Local

CRAG researcher Marta Pujol participates in the first episode of IRTA’s new podcast series called "Producció Local", which aims to provide valuable insights on food, science, and sustainability to the public. The podcast will feature interviews with experts in the field and visits to local farms and production sites, offering a unique perspective on the latest research and advancements in agriculture and food production.

The first episode, titled "Un tomàquet made in Collserola", delves into the topic of plant domestication and how it affects the taste and post-harvest qualities of tomatoes. The episode features an interview with Marta PujolIRTA researcher at CRAG, who explains the differences between modern tomatoes and those from previous generations and the importance of preserving local varieties such as the Mandó tomato, which is grown in the Collserola Natural Park. The episode also includes an interview with chef Ada Parellada, who discusses the culinary applications of local products like the Mandó tomato.

The different episodes will be released every Tuesday, starting on January 17th, on Spotify and iVoox platforms. The series consists of 6 episodes in total of 25 minutes long each. CRAG team is excited to participate in this initiative and share their work with a wider audience through this podcast and hopes that it will encourage more people to learn about the importance of sustainable agriculture and food production.