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Ten international undergraduate students enjoy a four-week training at CRAG

The second edition of the “CRAG Severo Ochoa Summer Internship Program for Undergraduate Students” has taken place this July
Severo Ochoa Summer Students 2019
Severo Ochoa Summer Students 2019

From the 2nd to the 26th of July, CRAG has hosted ten undergraduate students who have had the opportunity to join a research group at CRAG, experiencing the research world first-hand. These ten students were selected among the applicants to the “CRAG Severo Ochoa Summer Internship Program for Undergraduate Students” 2019 call.

The Programme aims at providing these motivated students with an early exposure to plant and animal molecular biology and genomics research in the setting of a centre of excellence such as CRAG. In addition of the research project developed within the research group, these students are offered specific courses in bioinformatics and in transversal skills such as communication and project management.

Overall, for the students it has been a very enriching experience. On the last day of the stay, the students presented the work they did in the laboratories, demonstrating that they have, indeed, made a real immersion in the exciting agrigenomics research world!

The students have explained their experience in their own words.

Luke Mitchell (Norwich, UK) is an undergraduate student in Biochemistry at the University of East Anglia. At CRAG he has joined Jaume Martínez’s research group, where he has worked under the supervision of the postdoc Sandi Paulisic.

The whole experience has been amazing from giving me an opportunity to work in a professional environment to meeting new people and making friends with people from across the world. In the lab Sandi has helped me develop and learn new laboratory skills which I will be able to apply to my research project in my masters year. I have attended several seminars and workshops allowing me to learn new science and develop new skills which can be applied to research. The summer internship has provided me with great insight into my future career choices and with memories I will treasure forever,” explained Luke

Nadine Abdelaleem Saber, an Egyptian second year Biotechnology student at the University of Wroclaw in Poland, who have trained under the supervision of Marc Valls and Núria Sánchez Coll, explained:

Having the opportunity to participate in CRAG Severo Ochoa Summer Program was a phenomenal experience! Working in such an organized scientific setting with motivated scientists taught me how to work professionally through real life hands-on experience. It was also great to be able to see how to do an experiment from scratch and to interpret and analyse the results at the end. I have definitely gained new skills, met amazing people, great scientists and made new friends, I strongly recommend this program to every life sciences student."

Other students added:

Here you can see if you are prepared to work in a team or if you know how to organize and design and experiment”, explained Victoria Menéndez, a student from Asturias (Spain). “The Summer Intership has given me the chance to taste scientific endeavour such as motivation, frustration, hardwork and teamwork”, added Paloma Merino, an Andalusian eighteen-year-old student in Genetics who was supervised by Marcel Amills and the PhD student María G. Luigi.

Mireia Codina, a Catalan student from the University of Barcelona, added “Being in contact with the other students and the researchers from different parts of the world is what really makes the experience worthwhile, learning from each other and spending great times together both inside and outside the CRAG. I would strongly recommend this internship to any curious student who wants to grow as a scientist."