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3 Dic 2018 to 4 Dic 2018

Congreso: Workshop on Technology Transfer and Innovation

Researchers are under an ever-increasing pressure to deliver impact and to collaborate in effective ways. Such pressure comes to light in buzzwords like “open innovation” and “explore and exploit” and their underlying concepts, when in reality such pressure reflects how the scientists are now expected to interact with third-parties, and how knowledge and technology produced in academia is expected to reach and impact our society. Always keeping in mind that is society, which in turn, funds the scientific endeavour.


Perhaps it would be fair to say that most researchers feel unsupported in the task of technology transfer. The intention for this workshop is to briefly cover the history and the recent evolution of technology transfer, its three main exploitation routes (intellectual property, research collaborations and new venture creation through entrepreneurship), major trends and the tools available. Hoping to provide better insight into the day-to-day of knowledge and technology transfer, increase the participation and involvement of academics and the potential for successful outcomes. This capacity building action, practical, fun and should offer a perspective in how to work more effectively in what is increasingly becoming an open innovation ecosystem.


Manuel Rodriguez-Concepcion, Principal Investigator @ CRAG, Barcelona

Ricardo Costa, Head of Innovation and Technology Transfer @ CRAG, Barcelona



Peter Bryant. Entrepreneuship Professor @ IE Business School, Madrid

Andres G. Fernandez. Director @ Ferrer Advanced BioTherapeutics, Ferrer, Barcelona

Gustavo Fuster. Patent Attorney @ Hoffmann Eitle, Madrid

Luzma Garcia. Head of Technology Transfer @ CIBER - Instituto de Salud Carlos III, Madrid

Maite Iriarte. Head of Projects, Grants and International Affairs @ CRAG, Barcelona

Maria Lois. Principal Investigator @ CRAG, Barcelona

Nadia Pons. Business Development Officer @ ICN2, Barcelona



CaRed: Spanish Carotenoid Network (BIO2015-71703-REDT)


3-4 December 2018

CRAG Auditorium


If you are interested in assisting, please contact Ricardo Costa (ricardo.costa [at] cragenomica.es)