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Statistical and Population Genomics

Our interests are to combine the development of methods / software with analyzing real data, both from a population genetics point of view and QTL / association analysis. The research goals are the following:

Development of statisitcal methods and software. We study statistical methodologies to take advantage of the high throughput technologies, focusing on the search of the genetic causes of traits of interest (e.g., domestication traits). We develop statistical tests to detect extreme patterns of variation and software focus in the analysis of variability and in QTL /association analysis.

Analysis of genomic data in Sus scrofa We have been interested in the study of empirical data, starting from single-locus strategies based on candidate genes to the analysis of genome-wide data using different sequencing and sampling strategies, in order to understand the patterns of the observed variability in Sus scrofa. We explore methods to combine external information (e.g., metabolic pathways, interactome) with nucleotide diversity statistics to explore potential selective sweeps using a holistic rather than gene by gene approach.

Selected Publications

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