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Ana I. Caño-Delgado

Ana I. Caño-Delgado
Investigador Científico del CSIC
Programa de Investigación: Research Group:

Tel. Oficina +34 935636600 ext 3210
Campus UAB - Edifici CRAG | 08193 Cerdanyola | BARCELONA

ana.cano [at] cragenomica.es

Experiencia Profesional

2001                Ph.D. in Developmental genetics,  John Innes Centre, University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK

2001- 2004      HFSP Long-term Postdoctoral Fellow, The Salk Institute for Biological Studies, La Jolla, US

2004 - 2009     HSFP Career Development Award;  Ramón y Cajal Investigator, Consorcio CSIC-IRTA, Barcelona, Spain

2010 - 2016     Assistant Professor, CRAG-CSIC, Barcelona, Spain

2016- to date   Associate Professor, CRAG-CSIC, Barcelona, Spain 



2006 “J.M. SalaTrepat” Young Molecular Biologist Award from the Catalan Society of Biology

2012- to date Coordinator of the Plant Biology Section at the Catalan Society of Biology (Societat Catalana de Biologia; SCB)  

2014- to date  Elected Member of the Multinational Arabidopsis Steering Committee (MASC) in representation of Spain (http://www.arabidopsis.org/portals/masc/)  

2016- to date  EMBO member