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1 Jun 2017

News: CRAG participates in the 11th Edition of the Science Festival in the Ciutadella Park

On the spring agenda of Barcelona, the Science Festival is already a tradition: a weekend in which the Ciutadella Park is full of tents where attendants (about 12,000 on average) can enjoy scientific experiments and demonstrations, informative talks and debates on the uses of science and technology.


Once again, the Centre for Research in Agricultural Genomics (CRAG) has participated in the Science Festival. This year, CRAG organized a workshop called “The plants of the future lie in biodiversity”. At the workshop, which took place on Sunday May 28th, five CRAG researchers explained how the DNA contains the information that makes each living being particular. In the case of plants, this information contained in DNA allows us to select those plants that are more productive or that adapt better to the environment. Workshop attendees were able to experience how this genetic variability translates into variations in the taste, texture, shape and colour of apples. In addition, with the help of binocular scopes, the participants observed flowers from different species, discovering their diversity.


In total, more than one hundred people enjoyed CRAG’s workshop on a sunny Sunday in the Ciutadella Park.  The Catalan TV Channel, TV3, made a piece on the Science Festival on the Sunday news, in which appeared some fragments of the CRAG’s workshop.



The CRAG workshop at the Science Festival was possible thanks to the economic support of the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness through the "Severo Ochoa Center of Excellence 2016-2019" award (SEV-2015-0533) granted to CRAG. IRTA kindly contributed with advanced lines of apples from its improvement program. The researchers responsible for the workshop were: Maria José Aranzana, Montserrat Martin (both IRTA researchers at CRAG), Rossana Henriques (researcher Ramón y Cajal), Ana Beatriz Moreno (Marie Skłodowska-Curie postdoctoral researcher; H2020-MSCA-IF -2014-GA657527) and the student María Estefanía López.


You can see the pictures of CRAG’s workshop here