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17 Oct 2017

News: CRAG will participate in the 100xCiencia.2 meeting in Alicante

  • The encounter, which will focus on the transfer of knowledge and technology, will bring together representatives of 40 centres and research units “Severo Ochoa” and “María de Maeztu”, respectively.

The second edition of the 100xCiencia meeting will take place in Alicante on November 2nd and 3rd, with the participation of 40 Spanish research centres and units recognized by the programme of excellence “Severo Ochoa” and “María de Maeztu”, respectively.

The “Severo Ochoa” and “María de Maeztu” awards are the largest institutional recognition to the scientific research in Spain; an international evaluation committee selects the awarded research centres and units. These centres cover virtually all areas of knowledge, from physics and mathematics to environment, biomedicine and the humanities. The CRAG obtained the “Severo Ochoa” award in 2015and, at that time, it was the first “Severo Ochoa” centre dedicated exclusively to plant biology and agriculture.

This year, the 100xCiencia meeting, which will take place in Alicante, is entitled “Co-creating Value in Scientific Research” and its focal point will be the transfer of the knowledge generated in research centres and units and the enhancement of its value towards society. The meeting coincides with the recent opening at the CRAG of the Knowledge and Technology Transfer Office The head of this newly created area, Ricardo Costa, and the director of the centre, José Luis Riechmann, will attend the meeting.

“The transfer of the basic knowledge generated and the technologies developed in the research centres is one of the fundamental pillars on which their activity is based. No less important than the research itself is training or dissemination”, explains Juan Lerma, former director of the Institute of Neurosciences in Alicante and president of the Scientific Committee of 100xCiencia.2.

The meeting will consist of three keynote lectures by three internationally renowned female scientists, Krista Keränen, Lita Nelsen and Nuria Oliver, as well as four round tables shared by researchers from the Severo Ochoa Centres and the María de Maeztu Units with representatives from the world of the industry, the technology transfer offices and the economic policy and administration. Also included in the programme are short presentations from centres and units of excellence that are most successful in transfer and innovation and experts in this field.

This encounter in Alicante is designed as a space for dialogue and exchange of experiences with the aim of strengthen the capacity to transfer knowledge and enhance the social impact of the research work carried out by the centres and units of excellence in Spain.

Registration for the meeting is open on the event website.