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10 Jan 2017

News: Dr. Pere Arús, new member of the French Academy of Agriculture

The IRTA researcher at CRAG, Dr. Pere Arús, has recently been elected as a member of the French Academy of Agriculture (AAF). Arús had been proposed by other members of the Academy and was elected as an associate member in the Plant Production Section.

The French Academy of Agriculture mission is to inform the French Government and the public opinion on progresses in all scientific, technical, legal, political and social aspects of the agricultural sciences, as well as to facilitate exchanges between scientists of various disciplines. AFF has an intense activity that generates numerous reports, studies and opinions on the most important present subjects on French and international agriculture. The CSIC reseacher at CRAG, Dr. Pere Puigdomènech, is also a member of this French Academy.

To know more about the AAF: https://www.academie-agriculture.fr