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20 Jun 2018

News: Paloma Mas and Jordi Garcia-Mas, newly appointed CRAG Vice-Directors

On Thursday 14 June 2018, the Board of Trustees approved the appointment of Paloma Mas and Jordi Garcia-Mas as new Vice-Directors of CRAG.


D’esquerra a dreta: Paloma Mas (vice-directora del CRAG), José Luis Riechmann (director del CRAG) i Jordi Garcia-Mas (vice-director del CRAG).

From left to right: Paloma Mas (Vice-Director of CRAG), José Luis Riechmann

(Director of CRAG) and Jordi Garcia-Mas (Vice-Director of CRAG).

Paloma Mas (CSIC Research Professor) leads the Molecular Mechanisms of Circadian Clock Function Research Group at CRAG. Her work is devoted to the study of circadian rhythms in plants, using multidisciplinary approaches to obtain a comprehensive view of the components and mechanisms underlying clock function. Paloma Mas is an EMBO Member and, among others, has received the Award from the Carmen and Severo Ochoa Foundation and the special mention for the Life Sciences Award of the City of Barcelona. At CRAG, Paloma Mas has been a member of the Internal Scientific Board since 2011.


Jordi Garcia-Mas (IRTA researcher) is the coordinator of the Plant and Animal Genomics Research Program at CRAG, leads the Genetics and Genomics of Vegetable Crops Group and is member of the Internal Scientific Board. He was the principal investigator in the sequencing of the melon genome project, the first national initiative to sequence a eukaryote genome, and, in the last years, he has focused on the development of genetic tools in melon and their use for the study of quantitative traits of agronomic importance. Jordi Garcia-Mas has a long track record collaborating with plant breeding companies in projects oriented to provide genetic and genomic tools.


The newly appointed vice-directors will take over from former Vice-Directors Pere Arús, IRTA Researcher at CRAG and former IRTA’s Scientific Director, and Armand Sánchez, UAB Professor at CRAG and current Vice-Rector for Research and Transference of UAB.