Open Access

Responsible Research and Innovation

Open Access

As a publicly funded research institution, CRAG seeks to provide open access (free of charge online access for any user) to the research outputs it generates.

Open Access to Scientific Publications

CRAG uses the UAB Digital Repository of Documents to deposit its publications, which are mainly peer-reviewed research articles and doctoral theses. This repository complies with the standards for efficient dissemination of content (OAI-PMH) and provides content to RECOLECTA and OpenAIRE. CRAG’s collection in the UAB repository is easily accessible from our website.

An important number of peer-reviewed research articles are published in “gold” open access, being freely accessible from the very first moment of publication. These research articles can also be access through the UAB Digital Respository, in their final version.

96% of CRAG’s peer-reviewed research articles from the year 2020, are found in open access (59% of them in gold open access).

Open Access to Research Data

The CERCA code of conduct approved in November 2018 states that each CERCA Centre (including CRAG) must have an open science strategy and operate in line with the European FAIR principles, implementing data management plans (DMP) where appropriate. Also, research funding agencies are adopting the use of DMPs for the projects they fund. The DMPs should address which data can be made public and which should be protected for commercial or industrial exploitation or for confidentiality reasons, among others. The guiding principle should be “as open as possible, as closed as necessary”.

In 2021, CRAG joined the DataverseCAT data repository. This is the repository of choice to provide open access to the research data generated at CRAG that does not have a discipline-specific repository.