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Animal genomics

Research of the Animal Genomics group is focused primarily on the elucidation of the genetic architecture of traits of economic interest (ETI) in pigs, such as growth, fatness, intramuscular fat and composition, prolificacy, meat pH and color, susceptibility to pathogens etc. With this aim, and in close collaboration with other leading Spanish scientific institutions as IRTA and INIA, we have analysed three resource populations including two intercrosses (Iberian x Landrace and Iberian x Meishan) and one Duroc commercial line.
We pioneered porcine QTL and microarray studies in Spain, generating a huge amount of information that has been unvaluable in order to map the genetic determinants of TEI and expression QTL. With more than 90 publications in international journals in the last 5 years, we have currently implemented state-of-the-art approaches, as genome-wide association analyses, RNAseq, miRNAseq and whole genome sequencing, allowing us to reach an unprecedented perspective about fundamental questions related with the biology of gene and phenotype expression in pigs. The main return of this research to society should be the identification of causal mutations that could be used in selection schemes to optimize production performance and, simultaneously, obtain a healthier and more nutritive food.
Other ongoing lines of research are related with the study of pig domestication and breed formation, the genetic analysis of milk composition in goats and the investigation of genetic susceptibility to hereditary and infectious diseases in dogs.

Selected Publications

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