Brassinosteroid signaling in plant development and adaption to climate change

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Ana I. Caño-Delgado
CRAG Distinguished Researcher
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Brassinosteroid signaling in plant development group

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Our lab investigates the processes by which plant steroid hormones (known as brassinosteroids) control growth and adaptation to the changing environment, in particular to drought, currently one of the most important problems of agriculture. 

In Arabidopsis, we have recently discovered that modifying brassinosteroid signaling in the vascular tissues confers resistance to drought without penalizing growth, opening novel possibilities for uncoupling drought resistance from plant growth arrest.  We are translating our original findings in Arabidopsis to a variety of agricultural species as they may have important applications in the fields of agriculture and food security. We are developing genetic edition tools in the cereal Sorghum and in other crops in order to increase their productivity during drought periods.

Technology wise, our collaboration with computational engineers is aimed at developing image analysis software to enable phenotype and genotype data analysis in agriculture. Our software tools are available here.

Overall, our long-time efforts to implement system biological approaches for the study of plants have started to flourish on a more realistic understanding on the signaling networks that control stem cell and meristem development in the root apex, which contribute to understand how plants grow and adapt to different environments. 

Selected Publications

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