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Our group is interested in applying techniques ranging from modern machine learning and computational structural biology to high-throughput experimental methods such as NGS-based screening, in order to understand how genetic variation affects biological phenotypes (reverse engineering), as well as to design DNA sequences that can generate desired phenotypes (forward engineering). Currently, we are studying how mutations affect heterologous gene expression and transcriptional regulation on microalgae.

Selected Publications

Milito A, Aschern M, McQuillan JL, Yang JS*
Challenges and advances towards the rational design of microalgal synthetic promoters in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii. 
(2023) Journal of Experimental Botany, erad100 

Hwang HG, Milito A, Yang JS*, Jang S*, Jung GY*. 
Riboswitch-guided chalcone synthase engineering and metabolic flux optimization for enhanced production of flavonoids. 
(2022) Metabolic Engineering, 75:143-152

Ye DY, Noh MH, Moon JH, Milito A, Kim M, Lee JW, Yang JS*, Jung GY*. 
Kinetic compartmentalization by unnatural reaction for itaconate production. 
(2022) Nature Communications, 13(1):5353 

Lang, B.*, Yang, J.-S.*, Garriga-Canut, M.*, Speroni, S., Aschern, M., Gili, M., Hoffmann, T., Tartaglia, G.G., Maurer, S.P.
Matrix-screening reveals a vast potential for direct protein-protein interactions among RNA binding proteins
(2021) Nucleic Acids Research, 49 (12), pp. 6702-6721. 

Weber, M., Burgos, R., Yus, E., Yang, J.-S., Lluch-Senar, M., Serrano, L.
Impact of C-terminal amino acid composition on protein expression in bacteria
(2020) Molecular Systems Biology, 16 (5), art. no. e9208, . 

Park, S.V.*, Yang, J.-S.*, Jo, H., Kang, B., Oh, S.S., Jung, G.Y.
Catalytic RNA, ribozyme, and its applications in synthetic biology
(2019) Biotechnology Advances, 37 (8), art. no. 107452, . 

Yang J.S.*# Garriga-Canut M.*, Link N., Carolis C., Broadbent K., Beltran-Sastre V., Serrano L., Maurer S.P.#
rec-YnH enables simultaneous many-by-many detection of direct protein-protein and protein-RNA interactions
(2018) Nature Communications, 9(1):3747

Yus E.*, Yang J.S.*, Sogues A., Serrano L. 
A reporter system coupled with high-throughput sequencing unveils key bacterial transcription and translation determinants 
(2017) Nature Communications, 8(1):368