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Plants are sessile organisms and quite often suffer inclement weather. However, they maximize their chances of survival because of their ability to reprogram their development in response to environmental changes. As plant reproduction is crucial for species survival, flowering, which is a key adaptive process, deserves a deeper study in response to environmental stresses. Our goal is to elucidate how plants maximize their chances to survive adversities by reprogramming their development and their flowering time for adaptation to environmental changes. On this regard, we identified the TEMPRANILLO1 (TEM1) and TEM2 genes as key repressors of flowering, being involved in the different genetic pathways that control floral induction in Arabidopsis, and play a key role in adapting flowering time to several abiotic stresses. Our aim is to dissect the mechanisms and genetic networks involved in this adaptive process in Arabidopsis and rice. In order to unravel new insights into environment adaptation, we also adopted an evolutionary developmental, evo-devo, approach which may help to deal with the undesired effects of global warming. 

Selected Publications

Osnato, M., Matías-Hernández, L., Aguilar-Jaramillo, A.E., Kater, M.M., Pelaz, S.
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Osnato, M., Lacchini, E., Pilatone, A., Dreni, L., Grioni, A., Chiara, M., Horner, D., Pelaz, S., Kater, M.M.
Transcriptome analysis reveals rice OsMADS13 as an important repressor of the carpel development pathway in ovules
(2020) Journal of Experimental Botany, doi: 10.1093/jxb/eraa460.

Aguilar-Jaramillo, A.E., Marín-González, E., Matías-Hernández, L., Osnato, M., Pelaz, S.*, Suárez-López, P.* 
TEMPRANILLO is a direct repressor of the microRNA miR172
(2019) Plant Journal, vol. 100 (3), pp. 522-535.

Matías-Hernández, L., Jiang, W., Yang, K., Tang, K., Brodelius, P.E., Pelaz, S.
AaMYB1 and its orthologue AtMYB61 affect terpene metabolism and trichome development in Artemisia annua and Arabidopsis thaliana
(2017) Plant Journal, vol. 90 (3), pp. 520-534

Matías-Hernández, L., Aguilar-Jaramillo, A.E., Osnato, M., Weinstain, R., Shani, E., Suárez-López, P., Pelaz, S.
TEMPRANILLO reveals the mesophyll as crucial for epidermal trichome formation
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Matías-Hernández, L., Aguilar-Jaramillo, A.E., Cigliano, R.A., Sanseverino, W., Pelaz, S.
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Marín-González, E., Matías-Hernández, L., Aguilar-Jaramillo, A.E., Lee, J.H., Ahn, J.H., Suárez-López, P., Pelaz, S.
SHORT VEGETATIVE PHASE up-regulates TEMPRANILLO2 floral repressor at low ambient temperatures
(2015) Plant Physiology, vol. 169 (2), pp. 1214-1224

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Romera-Branchat, M., Ripoll, J.J., Yanofsky, M.F., Pelaz, S.
The WOX13 homeobox gene promotes replum formation in the Arabidopsis thaliana fruit
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Osnato, M., Castillejo, C., Matías-Hernández, L., Pelaz, S.
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Castillejo, C., Pelaz, S.
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