Gene regulatory networks in plant development

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José Luis Riechmann
ICREA Research Professor
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Gene Regulatory Networks in Plant Development group

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Developmental processes in multicellular organisms are dependent on the cellular capacity for differential gene expression. The global aim of our group is the characterization and understanding of gene regulatory networks underlying plant development, using a combination of genomic, proteomic and genetic methods.

We use Arabidopsis flower development as our model and primary experimental system, as the onset of flower formation and the process of flower development are excellent paradigms for developmental studies in plants. Through the analysis of transcription factor genome-wide binding and transcriptomic data, we characterized the role of the floral meristem and organ identity gene APETALA1 as a network hub and a developmental switch that orchestrates the initiation of flower development. We are using similar approaches to characterize other transcriptional regulators involved in flower development. 

These and other studies are providing a global, dynamic view of the floral developmental process. However, this view is primarily based on measuring gene expression at the transcriptome level. Thus, an additional current area of activity in the group is to combine genomic, proteomic, and peptidomic technologies to study these processes, and to determine how the transcriptome and the proteome are correlated throughout flower development in Arabidopsis.

These genome-wide analyses also identify a large number of transcription factor target genes, most of which are uncharacterized, but that can now be studied using the extensive Arabidopsis genetic and molecular toolkit.

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