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Regulatory Mechanisms in Dark/Light Growth and Development

Our group studies the adaptation to changing light environments and its regulation in plants. Our long-term goal is to understand how plants optimize their fitness and thrive under stressful light conditions. We use Arabidopsis as our experimental organism and a wide array of experimental approaches to investigate fundamental questions about light-regulated development and growth.

Recently, we have shown that under stressful high light conditions, chloroplast-to-nucleus retrograde signaling provides protection against photo-oxidative damage. This interorganellar communication modifies light-regulated development to minimize the tissue exposure to deleterious radiation. Our aim is to investigate the underlying mechanisms of how retrograde signaling induces adaptation to light stress conditions.

Selected Publications

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Genomic Analysis Reveals Contrasting PIFq Contribution to Diurnal Rhythmic Gene Expression in PIF-Induced and -Repressed Genes.

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J EXP BOTANY 65:2925-36.


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Soy J, Leivar P, González-Schain N, Sentandreu M, Prat S, Quail PH, Monte E. (2012)

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"Dynamic antagonism between phytochromes and PIF family basic helix-loop-helix factors induces selective reciprocal responses to light and shade in a rapidly responsive transcriptional network in Arabidopsis"

PLANT CELL 24:1398-1419


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PLANT CELL 23: 3974-3491


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