Rosaceae genetics and genomics


We are interested in different aspects of Rosaceae genome organization, variability and evolution that help to elucidate the genetics of important agricultural traits. The species studied include peach and strawberry as major crops and almond, apricot, Japanese plum, cherry, apple, pear, raspberry and blackberry as secondary related crops. Our aim is to apply this information to develop tools, as high quality markers for markers assisted selection (MAS) and genetic materials (including collections of introgression lines), to improve plant breeding efficiency in tight collaboration with breeding companies.

In fruit trees, we conduct linkage mapping and genome-wide association studies using existing genetic variability in wild or cultivated relatives and high density markers derived from next-generation sequencing (NGS) technologies, as well as comparative genome analysis between different rosaceous species. We are interested in understanding the genetics of fruit quality, resistance to biotic and abiotic stress and other agronomic traits, and developing strategies for fast and efficient introgression of valuable genes into high quality cultivars. 

In berries, we are especially interested in understanding the genetics of fruit quality traits. In strawberry we focus on the comparison of the genomes of diploid (wild) and octoploid (cultivated) strawberries, to characterize QTLs associated with fruit flavor, including sugar, aromas and polyphenol content. We are also exploring the use of genomic selection strategies to improve the cultivated strawberry. 

Selected Publications

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