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De Pourcq K., Boronat A.

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Barja M.V., Rodríguez-Concepción M.

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Estellé J., Pérez-Enciso M.

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Dufflocq P., Pérez-Enciso M., Lhorente J.P., Yáñez J.M.

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Pascual L., Yan J., Pujol M., Monforte A.J., Picó B., Martín-Hernández A.M.

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Hernandez-Arranz S., Perez-Gil J., Marshall-Sabey D., Rodriguez-Concepcion M.

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González-Prendes R., Quintanilla R., Mármol-Sánchez E., Pena R.N., Ballester M., Cardoso T.F., Manunza A., Casellas J., Cánovas Á., Díaz I., Noguera J.L., Castelló A., Mercadé A., Amills M.

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Mármol-Sánchez E., Luigi-Sierra M.G., Quintanilla R., Amills M.

Detection of homozygous genotypes for a putatively lethal recessive mutation in the porcine argininosuccinate synthase 1 (ASS1) gene (2019) Animal Genetics, (Article in Press), (DOI:10.1111/age.12877)

Mármol-Sánchez E., Cirera S., Quintanilla R., Pla A., Amills M.

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González-Prendes R., Mármol-Sánchez E., Quintanilla R., Castelló A., Zidi A., Ramayo-Caldas Y., Cardoso T.F., Manunza A., Cánovas Á., Amills M.

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Rodriguez-Concepcion M., D'Andrea L., Pulido P.

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Lozano-Elena F., Caño-Delgado A.I.

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Pérez-Enciso M., Zingaretti L.M.

A guide for using deep learning for complex trait genomic prediction (2019) Genes, vol. 10 (7), Art. number 553 (DOI:10.3390/genes10070553)

Johnson M.G., Pokorny L., Dodsworth S., Botigué L.R., Cowan R.S., Devault A., Eiserhardt W.L., Epitawalage N., Forest F., Kim J.T., Leebens-Mack J.H., Leitch I.J., Maurin O., Soltis D.E., Soltis P.S., Wong G.K.-S., Baker W.J., Wickett N.J.

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Sequeira-Mendes J., Vergara Z., Peiró R., Morata J., Aragüez I., Costas C., Mendez-Giraldez R., Casacuberta J.M., Bastolla U., Gutierrez C.

Differences in firing efficiency, chromatin, and transcription underlie the developmental plasticity of the Arabidopsis DNA replication origins (2019) Genome Research, vol. 29 (5), pp. 784 -797 (DOI:10.1101/gr.240986.118)
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