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Dufflocq, P., Pérez-Enciso, M., Lhorente, J.P., Yáñez, J.M.
Accuracy of genomic predictions using different imputation error rates in aquaculture breeding programs: A simulation study
(2019) Aquaculture, vol. 503 (2), pp. 225-230 (DOI:10.1016/j.aquaculture.2018.12.061)
Zheng, Y., Wu, S., Bai, Y., Sun, H., Jiao, C., Guo, S., Zhao, K., Blanca, J., Zhang, Z., Huang, S., Xu, Y., Weng, Y., Mazourek, M., K Reddy, U., Ando, K., McCreight, J.D., Schaffer, A.A., Burger, J., Tadmor, Y., Katzir, N., Tang, X., Liu, Y., Giovannoni, J.J., Ling, K.-S., Wechter, W.P., Levi, A., Garcia-Mas, J., Grumet, R., Fei, Z.
Cucurbit Genomics Database (CuGenDB): a central portal for comparative and functional genomics of cucurbit crops
(2019) Nucleic acids research, vol. 47 (D1), pp. D1128-D1136 (DOI:10.1093/nar/gky944)
Alonso-Díaz, A., Floriach-Clark, J., Fuentes, J., Capellades, M., Coll, N.S., Laromaine, A.
Enhancing Localized Pesticide Action through Plant Foliage by Silver-Cellulose Hybrid Patches
(2019) ACS Biomaterials Science and Engineering (Article in Press) (DOI:10.1021/acsbiomaterials.8b01171)
Custers, R., Casacuberta, J.M., Eriksson, D., Sági, L., Schiemann, J.
Genetic alterations that do or do not occur naturally; Consequences for genome edited organisms in the context of regulatory oversight
(2019) Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology, vol. 6 (JAN), Art. number 213 (DOI:10.3389/fbioe.2018.00213)
Salazar, R., Pollmann, S., Morales-Quintana, L., Herrera, R., Caparrós-Ruiz, D., Ramos, P.
In seedlings of Pinus radiata, jasmonic acid and auxin are differentially distributed on opposite sides of tilted stems affecting lignin monomer biosynthesis and composition
(2019) Plant Physiology and Biochemistry, vol. 135, pp. 215-223 (DOI:10.1016/j.plaphy.2018.12.008)
Salvador-Guirao, R., Baldrich, P., Tomiyama, S., Hsing, Y.-I., Okada, K., San Segundo, B.
OsDCL1a activation impairs phytoalexin biosynthesis and compromises disease resistance in rice
(2019) Annals of botany, vol. 123 (1), pp. 79-93 (DOI:10.1093/aob/mcy141)
Puigvert, M., Solé, M., López-Garcia, B., Coll, N.S., Beattie, K.D., Davis, R.A., Elofsson, M., Valls, M.
Type III secretion inhibitors for the management of bacterial plant diseases
(2019) Molecular Plant Pathology, vol. 20 (1), pp. 20-32 (DOI:10.1111/mpp.12736)